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2015 10-14 Renaissance CK 01
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Renaissance CK (2013) is an energetic, strong moving Friesian mare with excellent bloodlines and a great start in her training. You can see videos of Renn on my website at Due to time and economics, she has been mannered, worked on the ground, desensitized to surcingles, weight, stimuli, etc. Renaissance is under saddle and worked in arena and residential trails. She has not been bred but should not have any problem getting pregnant. She has been wormed, given inoculations, traveled and been exposed to other locations, arenas, environments. She has been ponied and hand walked through the “trails” in Norco, which are on the side of streets acclimating them to barking dogs body slamming fences, motorized lawnmowers, motorcycles, scooters, hot rods, trash trucks, etc. Even emus, llamas and camels are not unheard of.

Our resident trainer is dressage oriented but we really don’t think in terms of levels. I’m assuming Renaissance would be working towards training level. Our focus is on manners, correct carriage and building the muscles and the mind to be safe and enjoyable for the rider. Renaissance is energetic and would require an experience rider or trainer/coach supervisor for an amateur.

If you check out the videos on my website, you can see the quality of work being done with Renn as well as her sister, Whisper, already sold. The work is solid and built from the ground up. She is continuing in training and will make an excellent show and pleasure horse.

Further she is used to covered, 12×16 stalls, being in larger covered corrals, arenas, or large turn out with other mares.

Renaissance, under saddle, does everything shown in the video clips. She is walk/ trot in the arena. She moves around obstacles and has been ridden by herself and with other horses around the streets of Norco. She may startle, but she does not normally fall apart and lose her mind. We believe she would excel at dressage and hope she can find a great home where she can do her job, have babies and be someone’s forever partner. She has been to the keuring and her linear score was very strong and received a 3rd premium. We did take her again and those judges weren’t quite as impressed. Time, money and COVID have prevented us from taking many of our young horses to recent keurings.

As for bloodlines, Renaissance is a granddaughter of Wander 352 with the special Sape 381 on the topline. With her strong movement and excellent temperament, she will be a great addition for a Friesian breeding program or your very first Friesian!

Please let me know if there are further questions.

Price: $21,000

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