About Wander 352

4S6Z7067 cutWander 352 is one of approximately 75 approved Friesian breeding stallions in the Dutch registry.  He was born in 1991 and approved for breeding in 1996.  Both his sire and dam were imported from Holland, but he was born in Norco, California and was the first Friesian foal born at Checkerboard Farms.  Being one of approximately 20 available breeding stallions in North America, Wander has been busy servicing, through artificial insemination, cooled transported semen and frozen semen, many of the Friesian mares throughout the United Stated and Canada.  Even though Friesian stallions are tested and must have quality semen, not all Friesian stallions have semen able to ship overnight. Because of the outstanding quality and quantity of Wander semen, he has serviced hundreds of mares and has shipped frozen semen back to Europe and New Zealand.   One veterinarian called his semen “turbo semen.”  When there are so few available stallions for this rare breed and fewer with the capability of shipping, his abilities have been helpful to many Friesian mare owners, especially those living far from any available stallion or in rural areas.

In performance, Wander has won every under saddle class judged by the visiting Dutch jury.  He has won Grand Champion several times at the annual inspection at Pomona, Ca and in Reno, Nevada during the 2001 Friesian Extravaganza.  He has appeared in numerous exhibitions, parades and Extravaganzas and has been a featured guest many times.  He is known for his close to perfect conformation and fluid movement, especially his balance and strength from the rear.  He is also known for his flowing mane and tail.  Most Friesians are prized for their “hair,” but Wander excels with the quality and length of his mane and tail which both drag the ground!

The Wander offspring have distinguished themselves throughout the country and abroad.  In Devon, 2003, Wander’s “get of sire” offspring group placed sixth in a large class, mainly Warmbloods, and was the highest placing Friesian group.  One of his sons from 2002, born in Michigan, was shipped back to the Netherlands to participate in the stallion training school in 2004.  That colt became Doaitsen 420.  Doaitsen was one of the most popular breeding stallions in the Netherlands, became reserve champion there in 2009 and is currently standing back in MI.   Doaitsen has produced two qualified breeding stallion sons, so Wander’s legacy continues.  In addition, Wander has produced many first premium daughters and sons who have gone on to achieve their “star” and there are many excited owners of his offspring.  As Wander’s mom, I tell every mare owner who used Wander to sire their next foal that they get me, Nina, as their mother-in-law!!  So, far, we’ve had few complaints!

Wander has the honor of appearing in the movie, “Bedazzled,” and in numerous calendars and datebooks photographed by Gabrielle Boiselle (she is also the photographer for the Gwani Pony Boy books, “Horse Follow Closely” and “Of Women and Horses,” among others).  So far we have done three photo shoots with Wander and Gabrielle Boiselle as of 2012 and a future beach photo shoot is in the works.

In 2004, Wander was permanently approved on offspring, both in North America and internationally, which is a great accomplishment for a stallion approved under the “older” North American system.  That means that he could service mares throughout the world via frozen semen – which is the only way it could happen as he will NEVER be sold!

Wander lives in Norco, CA (see story on Norco), travels the trails and enjoys visitors.  He has a quiet, loving sweetness and even little children can walk right into his stall.  Earlier in 2012 we did a further photo shoot which was very special as it included me, his human mom, and it was the first time I actually got to have my photo taken with my boy.  As an “older gentleman” Wander does not service lots of mares, but he is still fertile and active and we have tons of frozen semen.  Otherwise, you will see the two of us traveling around Norco and taking in the view.  He is particularly interested in one copper horse statue down the street.  I don’t know if he wants to fight it or breed to it, but it certain gets his attention!

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