Qualified Friesian Stallion – Wander 352

Qualified Friesian Stallion - Wander 352 

The Olde Soul

Wander 352 is one of the first Friesian stallions bred in North America to ever be approved for breeding by the international Dutch registry, the FPS.  Please take your time, read all about him, his “wives,” kids and grand kids!  He has had many adventures and is the very heart of Checkerboard Farms.

  • Last in her Class (…but beyond comparison.)
  • The 90 Day Wonder Horse and the Ignorant, Blissful Owner
  • Tragic sight of dead horses piled high as farmers return to find ‘just scorched earth’ after Oklahoma tornado
  • Inside the Abattoir
  • Horse owners encouraged to vaccinate for West Nile, rabies
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